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5 Must Do Actions to Start Business When You Have No Prior Experience

29-Jun-2021 | MSME

5 Must Do Actions to Start Business When You Have No Prior Experience

Are you one of those ambitious and enthusiastic persons eager to launch a business startup or an MSME unit? Is your head brimming with new business ideas? If you thought that your lack of business experience might throw a monkey wrench into your plans, you needn’t worry too much. Well, these five actions can make you successful in a new business sans any prior experience.

Do The Homework

Always remember that the nitty gritty of starting a new business venture requires meticulous planning, commitment and hard work. One has to put his nose to the grindstone to get the business off the ground.

It has been seen that a majority of startups fall through the cracks for multiple reasons, and ineffective planning and unrealistic business goals are among these. So, one should be extremely careful about the venture one is planning to start.

It becomes important that one navigates the choppy waters of a new business with confidence. First, do the planning, and come up with a realistic business plan that you feel you can achieve given your limited resources and inexperience.

The Learning

It helps if you have done a business course because it would give you some guidance as to how one can set up a new business without any prior experience.

Starting a new business is an audacious decision by all means. It shows that you are ready to take the plunge, come what may. After all, a budding entrepreneur would want to run his business for the long haul.

Research Well

Many young entrepreneurs open a similar company they have worked for previously. This gives them an added advantage because when they venture on opening their own business startup, they utilise their previous experience in taking it a couple of notches higher in terms of productivity and business goals.

Whenever you decide to start your new venture, do a thorough research about its potential profitability in the market. Read  those journals which have a professional stance on business trends.

Keep getting feedback from those who have adequate business knowledge and are capable of coming up with valuable suggestions regarding new ventures.


Networking is another important aspect of business consolidation. On various online platforms, you can touch base with other entrepreneurs and seek their opinion on your business model. Don’t be surprised if opinions and suggestions fly thick and fast much to your advantage.

There is no dearth of experienced business people who might proffer an opinion on how to run your startups smoothly. You may be lucky enough to find a suitable mentor who would be willing to financially help your new business venture.

Have A Definitive Goal

Develop some clear goals and strategies regarding finance. Then, set up the website followed by aggressive marketing.

When you have taken care of these basic requirements, you need to make sure whether you require a proper office and staff to take things forward.

Those who are starting their venture should set realistic business goals. Avoid getting carried away by thoughts of high profits and brand equity in the initial stages. Play for high stakes always, but be pragmatic in your plans.

Calculate The Finances

Once you decide to float your new business venture, factor in certain important things like budget, cash flow, growth plan, and the kind of services that you are planning to provide. And please ensure that you have some finance runway of nearly 6 months and MSME loan for business is one such option which you can avail. 

An efficient workforce is the lifeblood of any successful company. So, once you float your new firm, look for expert and efficient people who can turn things around with their expertise and even experience. Intelligent and results-driven graduates with business degrees are an asset for such companies.

Business is always rife with uncertainty and, like limited overs cricket, you never know what is going to happen the next moment. So, you always should have a backup and support plan in place.

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